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Choosing pressure washing companies in Lancaster, PA

When choosing from pressure washing companies in Lancaster, PA there are several things to look for.

Experience – How many years has the business been specializing in pressure washing?

Licensed and Insured – What types of insurance does the company/individual carry?  What licenses are held by the owner/crew.

Crew – Does the owner still work in the field, How much experience does the crew have?


References – Surely and professional pressure washing company can and will provide references.

Value – What exactly are they offering for the money?  Get specifics!

I would be happy to go over any of these or any other questions with any potential customer.  Call me and ask away!  Nate, 717-314-2360

pressure washing companies in Lancaster, PA

Will power washing remove the black streaks from my gutters?

I see black streaks on about 1 of every 4 houses being washed.  So it is not surprising that I get asked, “will power washing removes the black streaks from my gutters?”

A standard house washing detergent will not remove dark black streaks from the gutters.  Power Play does offer a Gutter Brightening service.  A custom designed butyl based cleaner is hand brushed onto the exterior of all the gutters.  After dwell time, the gutters are scrubbed a second time.  The gutters and siding are then thoroughly washed to remove all soap.  The streaks are removed and the gutters are left with that bright white shine.


So when you choose the Gutter Brightening option with your house wash, Power Play can and will remove those black streaks and get those gutters looking new again.  Call for a free estimate,, 717-314-2360.

Note: Dirty gutters does always mean that you need the Gutter Brightening option.  The standard house wash does remove all kinds of grime, mildew, and mold.  The black streaks are the exception.

Power Play, a 5 Star Reviewed Company.

Thumbtack is a service for residential customers to receive quotes on their power washing projects.

Power Play Inc. is proud to be a 5 star company!

See our reviews here:

Power Play Inc. – All Pressure Washing Services

When requesting an estimate please do so through our website as we pay for the leads through Thumbtack and recoup that through those estimates.

Best Value for your Dollar, GUARANTEED

I’d like to explain Power Play Inc’s “Best Value for your Dollar Guarantee.”

Basically, what it means is, as long as we are comparing apples to apples, Power Play will match any price from a competitor.

apples to apples comparison

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The Right Equipment for the Job!

Power Play Inc. is a professional power washing company.  Equipment is only one part of the equasion in a professional clean.  Of course without the equipment we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

We use a commercial grade power washer that creates HOT water.

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Higher Pressure is NOT Always Better

I can’t help but laugh sometimes when I hear of a power washing contractor bragging about the pressure of his machine.  It goes something like this, “My pressure washer is rated at 3500 psi.”

I think to myself, that is great if you want to remove the siding along with the mildew (joking).

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Maintaining Your Deck in the Fall/Winter

Believe it or not, there are a few things you should be doing during the fall and winter months to ensure your deck stays nice.  While not fun it will save you money and effort in the long run.


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Is that FLY POOP! (artillery fungus)

I can’t recall how many times I’ve had the “Fly Poop” discussion.

Are those little black specks on your siding Fly Poop?  The answer is NO, it’s not fly poop.  I’d like to review with you what the black specks are, why you have them, and what you can do to prevent them.

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Mobile Fleet Washing can be Affordable

There are a few other companies offering mobile fleet washing in the Central PA area.  What separates Power Play Inc. from the competitors?

I’d like to share some of my philosophy on truck washing.  Power Play Inc. has been able to maintain truck washing accounts for as long as 15 years.  There are several things that Power Play Inc. does to ensure a happy customer and offer a valued service.

Now surely Power Play Inc. can offer a complete detail of your trucks, but that’s not what most of my customers are looking for.  Most of my customers are looking to keep a clean appearance, show off their brand, and generally portray a look of cleanliness.  There are many benefits to the fleet on top of these as well.  Keeping road film off of the surfaces, salt off the frames, and making maintenance easier are just a few.

Power Play offers many, many services in the mobile truck washing industry.  But our maintenance washing at a great price and value is our main concern.  We do this utilizing all of our top end equipment and custom designed cleaners.

Power Play Inc. offers a free demo and consultation.  During the demo and or consultation we can get into details about the Power Play process and how we save you money.

Setup an appointment and you will be one step closer to making your trucks look good going down the road and saving YOUR company money in the process.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Pressure Washing Lancaster PA

Power Play Inc has been pressure washing lancaster pa since 2002. Offering a safe, quality power wash at affordable rates is what has contributed to our success.


Pressure washing lancaster pa over the years has been a true joy. I personally believe lancaster is an area that is filled with primarily good people. I have grown close to many of my customers over the years. Pride of ownership is also very strong in this area, it’s nice to be around people that want to protect their biggest investment. Your home and property around your home needs to be maintained to keep it shape.

As Owner of Power Play, I grew up in Ephrata.  I take the Hard Work ethics of Lancaster County to heart.  I am present on 95% of all the jobs we take on.

Please call with any questions, 717-314-2360, or request a free estimate by clicking on the button (top-right) on this page. Thanks, and have a great day!