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Will power washing remove the black streaks from my gutters?

I see black streaks on about 1 of every 4 houses being washed.  So it is not surprising that I get asked, “will power washing removes the black streaks from my gutters?”

A standard house washing detergent will not remove dark black streaks from the gutters.  Power Play does offer a Gutter Brightening service.  A custom designed butyl based cleaner is hand brushed onto the exterior of all the gutters.  After dwell time, the gutters are scrubbed a second time.  The gutters and siding are then thoroughly washed to remove all soap.  The streaks are removed and the gutters are left with that bright white shine.


So when you choose the Gutter Brightening option with your house wash, Power Play can and will remove those black streaks and get those gutters looking new again.  Call for a free estimate,, 717-314-2360.

Note: Dirty gutters does always mean that you need the Gutter Brightening option.  The standard house wash does remove all kinds of grime, mildew, and mold.  The black streaks are the exception.

Is that FLY POOP! (artillery fungus)

I can’t recall how many times I’ve had the “Fly Poop” discussion.

Are those little black specks on your siding Fly Poop?  The answer is NO, it’s not fly poop.  I’d like to review with you what the black specks are, why you have them, and what you can do to prevent them.

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