Vinyl and Aluminum Low Pressure House Washing

Vinyl and Aluminum Low Pressure House Washing   

Power Play uses environmentally safe and biodegradable detergents on your house.  The strong detergents help remove dirt and mildew safely with low pressure.  The detergent is completely safe on bushes, plants, and any other landscaping.  Hot water cleans siding best, our residential rig is equipped with a commercial grade power washer that heats the water.

Depending on the surface the detergent mix may vary, but cleaning proficiency spans all substrate including vinyl, aluminum, brick, stucco, dryvit or flexsteel, cement, etc.  We can even safely clean painted surfaces as long as the paint is in good condition.

Our detergent is then applied and allowed some dwell time.

Problem areas like Gutters are brushed if necessary.  We also offer a Gutter Scrub/Brightening Service.  A cleaner designed specifically for gutters is applied by brush.  The effect is a gutter restored to new or near new whiteness and brightness!


A pressure rinse removes all dirt and mildew.  A wide variety of equipment is used, an extension wand is used on two story houses.  Different sized wands, extensions, and step ladders are used depending on your home’s layout.  Some homes require working from the home’s roof and this may be discussed at time of estimate.

Here is an example of washing with one of the extension wands.