Composite Deck and Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Composite Deck and Vinyl Fence Cleaning

Composite Deck and Vinyl Fence Cleaning


Pressure Cleaning Services for Composite Deck and Vinyl Fencing

Composite type decking materials are getting very popular.  They are advertised as maintenance free, unfortunately we have all learned that this is more hype than truth. fortunately you can use our power washers to clean composite deck and vinyl.


Now of course, it is great that these materials do not rot, but they are FAR from maintenance free.  Composite deck cleaning is still very much required.


Over the last 18 years we have watched these materials be introduced to the market.  Manufactures also continue to change and offer different levels of decking material.  Power Play has cleaned all kinds of decks whether they be Hybrid Composite, True Composite, or Capped and Sealed Composite Deck boards.  The mold and fungus grow differently on each surface.  They need to be cleaned slightly differently as well.


The processes used are safe and within the guidelines of the manufactures.  High Pressure is a big NO-NO when cleaning professionally.  It is the combination of correct cleaning agents, pressure tip sizing, distance from surface, and the technique used that produces awesome results. Molds and mildews are completely killed off. If you own the older composite type decking (over 8 years old) we would like to discuss that with you.  Older TREX deck boards are a little tricky, but don’t worry, we can clean them! 

Vinyl Fence Cleaning (Railing and Gazebos Apply as Well)


Vinyl fence cleaning is also required unfortunately. Even though a vinyl fence will not rot it will grow mold, mildew, and get generally dirty.


Our process doesn’t only remove the unsightly green mildew and dirt.  Our cleaning process includes a solution that kills all the mold and mildew off. Why is this important?  It is important because the molds will stay away much longer, having to start all over from scratch.


White vinyl always looks so nice when it is cleaned! The one thing you should be aware if when owning vinyl fencing, railing, etc. Is the fact that the sun will oxidize it as it ages.  I am happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Let us make your Composite Deck and Vinyl Fencing GLOW!
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