Commercial Building Washing & Sealing

Commercial Building Washing & Sealing

Commercial Building Pressure Washing, Sealing, and Painting


Hire Power Play for Commercial Building Pressure Washing and Sealing

In business you never get a 2nd chance to make a first impression.  A clean, well-maintained storefront or industrial building looks efficient and successful.  Customers and employees will find it more appealing to visit. This is why Commercial Building Pressure Washing is a must have service.  Many buildings will show dirt or grow a mold. mildew grime that is unsightly.

Over the years we here at Power Play have washed many, many buildings.  Long term experience washing brick, stone, concrete, Stucco, Metal, and EIFS (Dryvit/Flexlite) buildings have us very proficie

Whether a one-time cleaning or an ongoing cleaning schedule, we can get the job done correctly!  We are licensed, bonded, and insured with a company tradition of being very highly rated.

Ourmobile wash rigs come equipped with the best equipment in the industry.  Our main machine is an 8 gpm Hot Water washer.  Secondary crews needed on big projects?  No Problem, we can get in and out without disturbing your work flow.  When a lift is required, that can easily be included in the quote and handled 100% for you, no problem.  Flexible scheduling and working around personnel is not an issue.  We will efficiently improve curb appeal and we can also help keep it that way longer by sealing the surfaces after.


Commercial Building Sealing

After the cleaning process there are many advantages to sealing the surface.  Sealing the surface will protect against erosion from the sun and acid rain.  It keeps the surface clean much longer because water isn’t soaking into the surface after every rain.  One of the biggest reasons would be water intrusion protection.

We have heard from many customers with water intrusion issues over the years.  Water intrusion is simply water soaking through porous brick, stone, concrete, or EIFS.  9 times out of 10 this can me solved very efficiently and economically by sealing the surface.  We work closely with 2 of the biggest manufactures of penetrating sealers, therefore buying direct and we pass those saving onto our customers.

Several large corporations that have us seal every single new building they erect.  Successful jobs include commercial building pressure washing office buildings, grocery stores, home improvement stores, apartment buildings, and manufacturing facilities in the past with great success. The cost it really is very cheap insurance against water intrusion issues that can cost tens of thousands in damage very quickly.

All quotes are no obligation so there is nothing to lose, only piece of mind to be had.

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