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Safe Roof Cleaning for Shingles, When Done Correctly....

There are several stages of growth.  What do we mean by growth?  Mold, Mildew, Lichen, Algae, or Moss is what typically grows on a roof and makes for an unsightly mess.  This is where Power Play’s Soft Wash Roof Cleaning comes in.  There are correct and incorrect ways to clean a roof safely.

  • Stage 1 – Back Staining / Streaking
  • then Stage 2 – Flat green Lichen/Algae (very stubborn)
  • and finally, Stage 3 – Moss (think lush green carpet 😉

It is ALWAYS best to clean a roof when the growth in in stage 1!  Cleaning at stage 2 and 3 can be performed but it does not always give the top notch results we like.  In addition, DO NOT pressure wash off moss and mildew, that has the potential to remove your shingles granules and possibly shorten the life of your roof.  Instead, we kill off the stage 2 and 3 growth and let mother nature clean over time.  Typically, over the course of several months it does come off, but not always 100%.  As soon as you see the black streaking contact us.  Also, get better pricing when adding your roof cleaning onto any house washing service.

Let’s discuss plants and treatment directly with you according to your specific property.

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Power Play Inc. up front with all our cleaning processes.  Every roof is different and needs a process that is tailored to it.   Every job needs to be surveyed prior to acess stage(s) of growth, drainage, plants, and grass.  In addition access to the roof is important and if it is safely walkable or if the cleaning needs to be done from ladders.  Your roof protects your home but also is a very visible exterior.  Keep your home looking great!  

NOW POWER PLAY can also add YEARS of life to your roof.  If you have not read about our SoyFuze Oil Roof Treatment service, please read up on it.  It is truly amazing in our opinion!