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Do your homework when considering roof cleaning.  There are correct and incorrect ways to clean a roof safely.

To start we should discuss the stages of roof growth.  What do we mean by growth?  Mold, mildew, Lichen, or Moss is what typically grows on a roof and makes for an unsightly mess.  A roof will start with Black Streaking (yes this is a mold).  Next flat mold will appear on the surface, typically a dark green color.  Once that has been on the surface it will start growing vertically into a moss or lichen.

The very best and safe way to keep your roof looking great is to take care of the problem when black streaking is present.  Roofs will almost always start by darkening in color.  The light grey colored roof now looks like it is more of a black roof.  Or black streaks are starting to appear on the North side of the home’s roof.  Try not wait until moss, lichen, or large mold spores are growing on the surfaces. 

Unfortunately, contrary to some other contractor’s belief, removing large amounts of thick moss and mold chunks will take roof granules along with it.  Experience has shown us this over and over.  It will not always do it, but it can and will in many instances.

When you see the black streaking contact us to remove them with our Safe, No Pressure, Roof Cleaning!

Our custom mildewcide, TSP, and surfactants attack on contact.  We give them a long dwell time.  Mold is Killed, and contaminants are flushed away.  Sometimes several applications are required, but we are not putting any high pressure to the shingles.  If you have lots of flowers and plants around the home, we should discuss this.  Sometimes precautions need to be made as the cleaner for roofing is strong.  It needs to be strong to kill off the molds and flush them away without using high pressure washing.

Get better pricing when adding your roof cleaning onto any house washing service.

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