Sealing Stamped Concrete in Palmyra, PA

concrete sealing palmyra pa

Sealing stamped concrete, and other decorative flat surface is imperative. It needs to be Cleaned and Sealed to retain it’s color, design, and fine top layer.  After sealing, the colors are vibrant again.  A high quality acrylic topical sealer was chosen for this old, neglected, worn stamped concrete. Typically, this should be performed every 2 or 3 years. 3 years is more standard with our acrylic product due to its durability.

Dirty Before Cleaning Pictures

This example was left unsealed longer the it should. The new owners wanted to bring it back to life and that was attained. The surface was not protected and a very slight amount of staining did occur. I believe we were able to make huge improvements, do you agree?

before cleaning stamped concrete
before cleaning
another dirty before picure

After Sealing Stamped Concrete

Now this looks much more inviting!

after sealing stamped concrete
after shot

Power Play’s sealing techniques were attained through a training with EliteCrete. EliteCrete is a premier concrete manufacturing company. Once trained, we were then able to attain one of the top sealing products in the industry. The EliteCrete acrylic sealer is more durable then the typical products found at local hardware stores. The added ingredient, Methyl Methacrylate, is what makes it so much more durable. Many customers are able to stretch the sealing frequency to 3 years instead of the typical 2 years. However, the amount of sun and rain the surface receives also comes into play here.

The owner of Power Play would like to take a look at your project. Stamped concrete should always be seen in person for many reasons. First, the surface should be evaluated for both the type and amount of sealer present on the surface. Surfaces being maintained may require only one coat, however, if no to almost no sealer is present, 2 coats are highly recommended.

First a thorough cleaning will be completed. This needs to be done very carefully if no sealer is left on the surface. The type of colorant used may also come into play. Get your free evaluation by requesting it HERE.

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