Maintaining your deck in the fall/winter

Believe it or not, there are a few things you should be doing during the fall and winter months to make maintaining your deck easier.  While not fun it will save you money and effort in the long run.

The fall may bring leaf debris in your back yard. It is really important to keep them swept off of your deck. Moisture will stay under the leaves after rainfall and it will not dry out properly.

maintaining your deck

Winter time can be beautiful and the picture shown here is nice to look at, however, the snow sitting on the rails and floor is not good for your deck.  Moisture is one of the top three degradation of wood and sealer/stain.  The snow really does need to be removed from you deck floor.  Use a plastic shovel therefor not scratching up your deck surface.  In the fall, leaves are just as bad.  Moisture stays under the leaves and does not dry out.  This again exposes your wood to extended periods of moisture which will degrade your sealer and stain faster.  In turn this will result to water penetrating your wood.

In regards to other items kept on the deck on your deck, any foot mats, rugs, outdoor furniture really isn’t good for an even wear on your deck.  So if you aren’t planning on using your deck in the late fall and winter months it is best to clear it off.  This will also make removing leaves and snow much easier.

Is Maintaining Your Deck Worth It?

Of course, maintaining your deck only makes a real difference if it is sealed/stained as well to protect it. Please take a look at some of our before and after project pictures HERE.

We clean, strip, sand, stain, and seal decks depending on your preference and with easy to maintain products. Solid colored and finished stains are not recommended, of course we would go over your specific situation. In some cases an acrylic stain was used prior and therefore neccesary in some cases.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Power Play Inc.

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