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When choosing from pressure washing companies, Lancaster has many to offer offer. But are they all the right choice for your project? Let’s review a few things that should aid in your decision process.

Experience – How many years has the business been specializing in pressure washing?

pressure washing companies lancaster pa

Licensed and Insured – What types of insurance does the company/individual carry?  What licenses are held by the owner/crew. Power Play carries Liability insurance, yes of course. You may not know that liability insurance does not cover your property around what is being worked on. Care and Custody insurance does that, we have it covered there too!

Crew – Does the owner still work in the field, How much experience does the crew have? Nate, the owner of the company still works in the field. The field manager, Jonathon, has been with Power Play for over 8 years total.

References – Surely and professional pressure washing company can and will provide references. We would be happy to do so. Most of our references come in the way of online feedback such as ratings and reviews.

Ratings and Reviews – This is single handily one of the most important areas to do your research. We made a page directed at this topic only, CLICK HERE to view our Ratings and Reviews.

Value – What exactly are they offering for the money?  Get specifics! We try to explain our services to the best of our ability. We don’t get ticky tacky and try to go above and beyond in our output.

When it Comes to Professional Pressure Washing Companies Lancaster has you covered with Power Play Inc.

All of these things that make us a great pressure washing companies Lancaster areas. As you explore the service pages please take note of the many before and after pictures. Over the 18 years we have literally taken thousands of photos. We would share them all but the website would load very slowly. Request your quote today so we can give you exact pricing. It is free with no obligation.

Any other questions? Call or email Nate, 717-314-2360,

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Power Play has been pressure washing Lancaster PA since 2002. Offering a safe, quality power wash at affordable rates is the mission. Pressure washing Lancaster