Exterior Sealing Lititz, PA | Homes, Decks, and Stamped Concrete Too

cedar siding cleaning and sealing lititz pa

We wanted to make sure everyone in Lititz, PA knows that Power Play is servicing their homes. Offering decks, homes, and other exterior staining and sealing Lititz, PA has been a joy to work in over the last 18 years! If it is outside and needs either cleaning and/or protecting…. Then we probably Do That!

Here is a picture of the Stripping in Process, Upper section BEFORE, Lower Section STRIPPED.

The problem with acrylic based stains is just that, they contain acrylic.  Acrylic stains are not really stains as they contain acrylic paint that is watered down.  Over time and several coats they start to gain an opaque look to the instead of acrylic.  Basically they start to look like what the really are, Paine, not Stain.

Here is a picture of the SANDING in Process, Lower section BEFORE BEING SANDED, Upper Section AFTER BEING SANDED.

stripping cedar siding

sealing process.  What a transformation from the solid blue stain to a high quality Oil Semi Transparent Stain.

COMPLETED PROJECT with Sealer instead of Paint Based product!

sealing lititz pa siding

We offer MANY different Stains and Tints/Colors! We even Seal Concrete, Pavers, and more with Clear Acrylic and Siloxanne Sealers.

Call us to start Your Cedar Siding Restoration project.

Okay, now for a couple really drastic Before and Afters of the Garage and Front Entrance. This picture shows the difference between a painted surface and the sealing Lititz PA project.

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