Will Power Washing Clean Black Streaks Off Gutters?

Black streaks appear on about 1 of every 4 houses gutters.  So it is not surprising that I get asked, “Will Power Washing Clean Black Streaks Off Gutters?”

clean black streaks off gutters

A standard house washing detergent will not remove dark black streaks from the outside of gutters.  Black speckles and dirt of course is easily cleaned with our house was solution. Power Play does offer a Gutter Brightening service.  This is when a custom-designed butyl based cleaner is hand brushed onto the exterior of all the gutters.  After dwell time, the gutters are scrubbed a second time.  The gutters and siding are then thoroughly washed to remove all soap.  The streaks are removed and the gutters are left with that bright white shine.

Why Are Black Streaks on Gutters So Stubborn?

Gutters are a painted surface of course, typically powder coated. Over the paint is a clear coat protection layer. Unfortunately, the quality of gutters installed can be very different. Gutters showing black streaking early in their life is a good sign of low quality painted aluminum gutters. The clear coat layer is not offering protection and the sun is able to oxidize the surface of the aluminum. Then tar and dirt from the roof runoff is getting stuck in that layer of oxidation.

Gutter Whitening Service, Clean Black Streaks Off Gutters

So when you choose the Gutter Brightening option with your house wash, Power Play will clean black streaks off gutters and in most cases, have the gutters looking close to new again.  Call or Request a Free Quote by CLICKING HERE.

we clean gutters

Note: Dirty gutters does always mean that you need the Gutter Brightening option.  The standard house wash does remove all kinds of grime, mildew, and mold.  The black streaks are the exception.

I do want to mention, that unfortunately, we have yet to find a product to prevent this from happening in the future. Most gutters stay streak free for about a year. However, every home s different and we can not guarantee how long the streaks will stay away.

We guarantee to do everything possible, if they can be removed then we will get the job done. Please see our wonderfule ratings and reccomendations on Facebook!

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