Power Play’s Price Match Guarantee, BEST VALUE Exterior Cleaning!

power plays price match guarantee
Power Play's Price Match Guarantee Best Value Exterior Cleaning

Power Play’s Price Match Guarantee means that we will match competitor bids when comparing like services. I would like to go into detail, however, always feel free to call anytime to discuss this.

OUR MISSION is to offer a top shelf service but at a very affordable price.  In they many years in business only a hand full of customers took advantage of the guarantee.  Is that because Power Play doesn’t honer it’s guarantee?  Not at all!  We believe it is because our service, setup, and pricing is hard to beat. Power Play’s price match does have a few qualifiers.

Power Play’s Price Match

Guarantee Qualifiers

We don’t want the following to sound cumbersome. Simply send a lower quote over and we will take it from there!

  • The competitive bid must be from a company that is Licensed and Insured (sorry we can not beat the neighbors price that is going to do it for you in his spare time. Although we may be cheaper, who knows, haha.
  • The price we are matching needs to be a Professional Company with Professional Equipment (much has been invested into our equipment and it does enable us to offer a very thorough cleaning. It is hard to compare a $9k Commercial Washer to a $1k home use machine.)
  • We will Need the Quote in Writing (Very simply take a picture with your phone and text it over, or email it please.)
  • A Soap Solution with Mold Killing Agents (we won’t skip this important step, but it does raise our cost, it is too important to skip, ask us about this)
  • Finally, The Competitive Bid needs to be from a Quality Company (Not trying to be too picky here, but there are a few companies out there offering extremely low prices. The problem is they do a terrible job.)

With all that said, there are other professionals offering services that do it professionally.  We would be glad to match their price and do everything we can to make sure we beat their service!

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